Our Story

Here at Radhey we are committed to serving hand-crafted, soul-conscious vegetarian and vegan food, right in the heart of Fitzroy.

What do we mean soul-conscious?
Well at Radhey we realise that ‘you are what you eat’. So we only prepare food that is good for your mind, body and soul. Our meals are strictly vegetarian and vegan, with plenty of gluten-free and raw options and we use only the freshest local and organic ingredients.

Who said that tasty food can’t be good for you?
Radhey has a rustic cafe-style menu which is influenced by Mediterranean, Asian and Indian flavours. These delicious home-style creations are brought to you by our awesome team in the kitchen. Being mindful of dietary requirements, the kitchen crew put heart and soul into every tasty meal they create.

What is Sattvic food?
At Radhey we are dedicated to providing karma-free food prepared with the knowledge of ancient wisdom. In the yoga text of India, the concept of Sattvic is described. It is a Sanskrit word which translates as ‘being in the mode of goodness’. At Radhey, we practise Food Yoga which means that we only serve sattvic food prepared in a way that it brings the whole person into balance, mind, body and soul. This means that our food is feel-good food. Its free from unnatural nasties, its purely delicious, just the way mother Earth intended.

Why Chai?
In addition to our dedication to delicious and healthy food, at Radhey we also offer a unique cafe experience. Our Chai Bar is something special, something Melbourne hasn’t seen before. In many cultures around the globe, tea-drinking is an essential ingredient to any dinning experience. So at Radhey we wanted to bring this Chai tradition to Melbourne, to add a new flavour to the city’s rich cafe culture. Be transported to a Moroccan marketplace or a Rajasthani tea stall right in the heart of Fitzroy!

We offer a full Chai menu using our signature blend Chai which is made with exotic spices using a time-honoured method. We also serve herbal teapot infusions using our own homemade loose leaf blends which are designed to suit your mood. Be prepared for truly a unique and exotic Chai experience.